Bathing your Mini Pig


It is important to make bath time an enjoyable experience.  The first bath can be very traumatic, and a bad first few baths can lead to a permanent fear of the tub.  Making bath time pleasant is pretty simple if you understand a few things about your piglet.

  1. Pigs do not like slippery surfaces
  2. Pigs are careful about new situations
  3. Food makes everything better


  • Put a towel down on the bottom of the tub to provide a nonslip surface
  • Place your piglet in a dry tub and offer treats
  • Once your piglet seems comfortable in the tub without water, put the faucet on low and aim for lukewarm water
  • Offer your piglet more food and allow him or her to check out the water
  • If your piglet seems comfortable with the water, turn the faucet on higher and plug the drain
  • As the water continues to rise, continue praising your pig and offering more treats
  • If the piglet seems uncomfortable or scared stop the water and offer food
  • If it’s too much, let the piglet out and continue bath time again on another day
  • If piggy says its okay to continue, begin to incorporate soap and continue to offer treats
  • When bath time is over, dry your piglet off and offer one last treat for good behavior

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