Feeding Your Mini Pig

Micro Mini Pig Food: What Do You Feed a Teacup Pig?

It’s important to make sure that your piggy gets the right nutrition and diet.  They must get enough to eat the right foods.  Pigs will eat as much as you allow them, so you have to limit their diet to prevent them from gaining gross amounts of weight.  Whatever you do, DO NOT FEED YOUR PIG DOG FOOD!!!

The most popular brand of mini pig food is:

  • Mazuri Mini Pig Food (which comes in Youth, Active Adult & Elder Formulas)

So how much should you feed your pig?  This is just a guideline.  Keep an eye on your pig’s ribs, shoulders, backbone, and hips.  You should be able to feel all of them.  If you can’t feel all of these, then your pig is too fat.  However, if you can see all these bones without having to feel for them, then your pig is too thin.  You should adjust feed levels appropriate to the needs of your pig based on activity levels.

A pig’s diet should also consist of some roughage in his or her diet.  This can be done by providing some vegetables or lettuce or allowing your pig to graze and eat grass from your lawn.

Treats are a pigs favorite thing!
Some foods that make great treats are:

  • Cheerios
  • Fruits
  • Small Horse Treats
  • A few feed pellets
  • Vegetables

Make sure that your pig always has access to clean water.  Try to use a heavy bowl for water, because pigs tend to flip their bowls and make a mess.  It’s also important to offer your pig water to play and cool off in, like a baby swimming pool.  Pigs do not sweat, so they need access to water to keep themselves cool during hot weather.

Here is a chart to use to gauge if your pig is overweight or underweight:

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