Miniature Pig Health Care

Micro Mini Pigs Care
Basic Mini Pig Health Care & How to Monitor Your Miniature Pigs Health

Pigs have different nutritional and health care needs than other companion animals.  It’s also a lot more difficult to find vets and reference information telling you how to best care for your pet pig.

Know When To Call A Veterinarian

• Persistent vomiting for more than 24 hours (especially if yellow)
• Off feed for more than 24 hours
• A temperature of more than 102 degrees
• Diarrhea for more than 24 hours
• Constipation for more than 48 hours
• Lying down for more than 8 hours
• Unwillingness to rise
• Painful abdomen
• Persistent bleeding
• Blood in stool
• Seen eating something potentially poisonous or obstructive
• Sudden behavioral changes
• Rapid breathing
• Persistent lameness

  • List 5 types of medicines and supplies you should have on hand for a piglet in case of illness

Pepto Bismol




Children’s Liquid Ibuprofen

Vet Wrap



Epson Salt


Children’s Liquid Benedryl



  • What is the Average Life Span of a Mini Pig?

12-15 Years

Some do live as long as 20



  • What Do You Use to Treat Mites? How Often? What’s the Dose?


Can be given orally or as an injection

Should give twice 10 days apart to kill the life cycle of the mites


Orally: 2ml per 75lbs (0.2ml per 7.5lbs)

Injection: 1ml per 75lbs (0.1ml per 7.5lbs)


  • What is the normal temperature for a pig?

101 – 102



  • How Much Should a Mini Pig Eat? What Should they Eat?

Miniature Pig Food

Spayed or Neutered pigs should eat 1% of their body weight in food per day.
Breeding pigs should eat 2-3% of their body weight.



  •  How Do You Recognize a UTI in a Pig? How is a UTI treated?

Signs of a UTI:

lack of urination

excessive urination

constant squatting trying to pee

blood in urine

cloudy urine

foul smelling urine


Take a urine sample to your vet for testing and they will treat with a antibiotic


  • What Plants are Poisonous to Pigs?

There is a large list of poisonous plants.
Here is a chart of most of them:


  • At What Ages Do Pigs Loose Their Baby Teeth?

Pigs have 3 sets of teeth in their life. The first set is lost between 5-7 months and the second set is lost between 12-18 months.



  • List 3 common pig ailments




Upper Respiratory


Dippity Pig




  • What are 3 signs that your pig is ill?

Won’t eat

Won’t drink

Dull eyes

High Temperature

Low Temperature

Won’t get up



Excessive Diarrhea



  • Why are pigs uncomfortable with heights or being held?

They are prey animals and in nature the only time they are lifted is by a predator.



  • How do you trim a pig’s hooves?

A metal file or hoof trimmers should be used. You want to trim the excess nail off without cutting into the quick or the pad of the foot.

Here is a diagram of the goat’s hoof, but the pig is very similar:



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