Potty Train Mini Pet Pig

How to Potty Train Your Micro Mini Pet Pig

Pigs are incredibly smart and very easy to house train. If you follow correct training procedures and are consistent with your piglet, they can be using their litter pan or going out in the yard within the week! It’s amazing how fast pigs learn!!!

So first you need to decide what fits your lifestyle best: should your piglet learn to use the litterbox or go outside or both?

Yes you can train them to do both!

Potty training 101….
This little creature is a pet and a baby. Would you let your young child wander freely around your house without a diaper? I sure hope not, because they could end up being pretty messy! The same is true of a piglet. A pig should have a crate to sleep in and spend time in when they are unattended. It’s not a punishment or a bad placed to be. In fact, they enjoy having their own space.

Set them upright and they will learn fast. The two biggest things to remember when potty training a pig is:
1. They cannot hold their bladder fully till they are around 7-8 months old
2. You must use positive reinforcement. Punishment and negative reinforcement will get you no where good with a pig.

Choose a phrase like, “go potty,” “go pee-pee,” or “do your business” and use it whenever you take them out. Also, as soon as they go potty make sure to praise them. Say “good piggy! good potty!” to let them know that this is a favored behavior.

So when should you take your piggy out to potty?
1. AS SOON as your piglet is awake
2. AS SOON as your piglet finishes eating
3. Every 1-2 hours during the day
4. At the end of the evening before you put your piggy to bed for the night

Each time they should be immediately escorted to their designated potty area. And remember to praise your piggy for good behavior!

If you choose to litter box train your pig, it is very important that you use a natural litter like pine pellets or shavings (do not use Cedar – Pigs are allergic!) Cat litter is also NOT for pigs! They will eat the cat litter and it will clump in their intestines! It’s also a good idea to use a heavy box for their litter or something that can be fastened down to prevent them from dumping it on the floor. The same procedures for outdoor training should be used for litter box training.

My personal preference for litter box training is to set up their house aka dog crate with the back half as the litter box and the front half as their sleeping area. Pigs are not like cats and they will not naturally use a litter box. So please don’t let your piglet have full run of your house and expect them to go over to their box and use it when they suddenly have the urge to go. That will happen in time, but you should not expect a fully litter box trained pig until they are nearing a year old.

Crate training is the best way to go about potty training a pig. It’s all about small spaces and consistency. Too much freedom is the biggest mistake you can make. Small areas and crate training is the most effective way to potty train.

Be advised… using treats when potty training can cause problems. Pigs are exceptionally intelligent, and they will learn to fake you out and pretend to go potty just to get a treat!! This doesn’t mean you can’t use treats, just be aware that they will try and outsmart you.

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